XXIV PCTA Conference

The XXIV PCTA Conference on "Guarantees, letters of credit, collateral in domestic and international business transactions" took place on February 28, 2020. For the first time, it was a single-day conference.Thank you to all our Partners and Conference...

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“Financial forecasts 2020” contest

Dear Treasurers, During our Friday meeting, we officially opened the "Financial Forecasts for 2020" competition (for members of our association). We would like to remind everyone who was absent on Friday that Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA (Citi Handlowy) became the...

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XXIV PCTA Conference coming soon

Thank you for your applications, and those who are still wondering, we encourage you to participate in the next conference. Guarantees and letters of credit, to which we will devote our February meeting, is an extremely broad topic. We hope that the presentations...

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XXV PCTA Conference approaching

The 25th PCTA Conference will be held on May 21-23, 2020 (Thursday - Saturday) at the Windsor Hotel in Jachranka. The theme will be "Technology vs expectations and needs of treasurers in the light of regulatory and legal changes". The General Meeting of Members will...

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XXIV PCTA Conference – February 28, 2020

We invite you warmly to participate in the 24th PCTA Conference, which we have planned in a new formula - as a single-day conference. It will be held on February 28, 2020 (Friday) from 10.00-17.30 in Mała Warszawa art & business at Otwocka 14 street in Warsaw. The...

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