Goals and Activities

The purpose of PCTA is to strengthen integration of corporate treasurers society and support our members in their development on all professional fields. We support that with the following:

  • creating a forum to exchange knowledge and best professional practices,
  • developing liquidity management acumen,
  • representing our voice in discussions on the development of Polish financial market and economic legal framework,
  • creating ethical code of conduct for Treasurers,
  • development of professional staff
  • organisation of post graduate course for treasury professionals.


The way we are achieving our goals:

  • active participation in relevant conferences, trainings and public forum discussions,
  • organising working meetings and workshops for our Members to exchange practices and stay up to date with any relevant trends and developments ,
  • maintaining links with other associations or professional bodies with a similar profile,
  • merit support to companies and more junior staff / members on corporate finance and treasury,
  • promoting high professional ethics standards among Treasurers ,
  • developing professional skills of our Members with courses, trainings, workshops, conferences and similar,
  • representing professional interests of our society and cooperating with public administration bodies, financial institutions, enterprises and other entities in the area of ​​development of financial markets regulations and relevant legislation,
  • cooperation with universities, students and academic staff, assistance in organising internships, research, other scientific activity and similar activities,

PCTA – 2013 goals, tasks, members & achievements [pdf 821 KB]