2005 - The first idea of creating the Association. Establishing contacts with associations: Czech, Hungarian and European.

2007 - founding meeting and beginning of registration procedure for the association. The first open meetings and exchange of experiences between members.

2008 - First General Meeting and the first open conference. Over 100 participants and great success. During the financial crisis, the Association becomes a forum for knowledge exchange. We help each other in the fight against the crisis, the behavior of banks towards companies, but also in the creation and reorganization of treasures in companies.

2009 - Two very successful conferences (this time only for members). Regular meetings take place where we discuss the current situation on the financial and banking markets. The Association actively participates in the activities of the European Association in topics important to us (SEPA, regulations regarding the conclusion of currency transactions). Members of the Association conduct postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics.

2010 - 2012 - The Association acquires new members. Twice a year, thematic conferences are organized, plus at least two open meetings.

2013 - Five years have passed since the Association's official registration. There were 11 conferences, 9 thematic meetings, 6 holiday meetings, 5 currency competitions. We are a partner of the Financial Directors' Forum, we take part in EACT conferences and take the floor on issues important for the European treasury. The Association's ethical code was adopted. Members of the Association have been conducting postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics since 2008.

2014 - 2017 - In addition to the agreed schedule of conferences and open meetings, we are introducing further activities such as a master's thesis competition, an extended, complicated currency competition for members of the association. We participate in works on the Polish LMA standard. Our members are invited to the conferences of other financial associations and organizations.

2017 - The Association celebrates its Ten Years Anniversary.

2018 - the Twentieth Anniversary PCTA conference, held in Torun.