Dear Treasurers,

During our Friday meeting, we officially opened the “Financial Forecasts for 2020” competition (for members of our association). We would like to remind everyone who was absent on Friday that Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA (Citi Handlowy) became the Competition Partner again. During our Competition, Citi Handlowy experts will comment on events in the financial markets and the condition of the Polish economy through the prism of currency pairs, interest rates and macroeconomic indicators that we will forecast as part of the Competition. Citi Handlowy will also sum up 2020 in the financial markets and the economy during a meeting in December 2020 in our traditional Śledzik, during which the results of the Competition will be announced and prizes will be presented to the winners.

Please find attached a Competition Forecast Sheet, which you should fill in with your forecasts and send by the end of March 9, 2020 to

Best regards,

PCTA board

Files to download:

Competition sheet

Regulations of the “Financial Forecasts for 2020” Competition

Information clause

Presentation of Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. “Financial forecasts for 2020”