Dear Treasurers,

during the XXII PCTA Conference, the General Meeting of Members of the Polish Corporate Treasurers Association was held.
During the meeting on April 13, 2019, members of the Association voted for the Board and the Audit Commission for a two-year term.

Management Board members, as appointed:

  • Małgorzata J. Grzegory – President of the Board
  • Aleksandra Filipowicz – Vice President of the Board, Secretary
  • Jacek Wnuk – Vice President of the Management Board
  • Małgorzata Fajdek – Member of the Board, Treasurer
  • Robert Koszela – Member of the Board

Audit Commission members, as appointed:

  • Jacek Ruciński – Chairman of the Audit Commission
  • Maciej Lipiński – Member of the Audit Commission
  • Adam Marczak – Member of the Audit Commission
  • Marcin Miazga – Member of the Audit Commission

On this occasion, we would like to thank Maciek Müldner, one of the founders of the Association and the outgoing President of the Board, for his invaluable contribution to the development of the Association, counting on his further, active participation in the life of the “treasury” community.

With best regards,

PCTA Management Board