Dear Treasurers,

We still remember our last joint meeting in Toruń and workshops “Hunting for Black Swans” in Warsaw … and it’s time to pack our suitcases for the XXI PCTA Conference! 🙂

To everyone’s surprise, the autumn conference will be held under the title “Return to the sources” on 19-20th October 2018 (Friday-Saturday) at the Holiday Inn Warszawa Józefów – hurray!

“Return to the sources” – what does it actually mean?

  • to be closer to each other…
  • three interactive workshops
  • three platforms for exchanging experiences
  • expert knowledge
  • integration and networking
  • fruitful discussions

Your involvement during the workshops on “Black Swans” and a very positive feedback on such a formula has made us sure that this is a good idea.

The conference will start on Friday, October 19th, 2018.

We plan the meetings to be held in smaller workshop groups on various topics. Everyone will have the opportunity to discuss, exchange views and experiences, express opinions, argue with others and agree or disagree with the opinions of others.

And all this will happen in three scenes:

1) cyber crime and fraud,
2) cooperation of the treasury with business
3) …and “a must have” this year: split payment, RODO, PSD2 etc.

And on Saturday, October 20th… surprise! Extracurricular activities until 14 o’clock.

We will send you the conference agenda after a detailed refinement.

We are already kindly invite you to prepare and lead the workshop on one of the topics of point 3 – together or individually.

We focus on the interactivity and cooperation of the treasury group, hence the more we know each other on the subject, the better. If you are interested, please contact Anna Augustynowicz.

Due to the fact that the conference is more intimate and we plan to cooperate with fewer partners, we expect all participants to participate in the conference organization costs.

But of course, the conference is free for those conducting the workshops.

Applications along with information about the selected option and information whether you will participate in Saturday classes will be accepted until September 2, 2018 at the following email address:

Confirmation of participation in the conference, in addition to the notification to Ania, is to pay the fee in accordance with the declared option no later than September 2nd, 2018.

After this day, the change of the variant and resignation from the share along with the return of the paid fee will not be possible.

We would like to remind you that invariably, the basic condition for participation in the conference is the payment of the PCTA membership fee for 2018.

Enjoy the new experience with us, sign up and we will see you soon!


PCTA Board