Traditional Sledzik, i.e. the pre-Christmas meeting, and at the same time summarizing 2019, is behind us. The partner of the Citi Handlowy meeting gave us a macroeconomic summary of the year. Then the competition for PCTA members ‘Financial forecasts for 2019’ was held, of which Citi Handlowy was also a Partner. The Main Winner, the Half-Year Winner and the winners of 7 competition categories could enjoy the accurate selection of indicators being the subject of the competition.

Congratulations to the Winners !!!

We are now waiting for the upcoming events in 2020, and the closest of them will be the 24th PCTA Conference on February 28, 2020 (Friday), the theme of which will be “Guarantees – security in business activities”, as well as the economic forecast for 2020 and the inauguration of the “Financial forecasts for 2020” competition.