There are 4 types of membership :

  1. Aspiring member
  2. Ordinary member,
  3. Supporting member,
  4. Honorary member.

The rules for admitting membership are described in the PCTA'a Statute.

An Aspiring Member may be a natural person who is a treasurer, i.e. a person employed in institutions other than banks within the meaning of the banking law, in managerial or independent positions, who has financial and risk management or support within his duties. An unemployed person may also be a person not employed in an independent or managerial position, subject to the recommendation of two ordinary members.

An Ordinary Member of the Association can be any aspirant member who has made an appropriate contribution to social work in achieving the objectives of the Association and who will be given the title of ordinary member by the Board.

A Supporting Member can be a natural or legal person regardless of their place of residence and seat, who, with their consent, will be admitted to the Association for their help and / or support in achieving its goals.

An Honorary Member may be a natural person particularly distinguished for the Association, provided that he / she accepts honorary membership.

Admission rules

Follow these steps to become a member of the Association:

  1. Complete the PCTA membership declaration (available below).
  2. Send a scan of the membership declaration by e-mail entitled "PCTA Declaration" to the e-mail address: The declaration should contain the scope of responsibility of the treasury candidate (minimum 5 sentences).
  3. Send the original declaration by regular mail to the Association's correspondence address: Association of Polish Corporate Treasurers, ul. Domaniewska 47/10, 02-672 Warsaw.
  4. If necessary, a member of the Management Board may ask the candidate to complete the information.
  5. The Management Board, based on the principles described in the statute, decides whether or not to accept a given candidate at the meetings of the Management Board, which take place once a month. In the event of a positive decision, the Management Board shall adopt a resolution to admit the members of the Association. Then inform the candidate about the decision.

In the event of admission as a member, the Management Board also informs about the amount of the membership fee and the bank account number.

Membership Declaration Form is available for dowload:

Membership Declaration Form [pdf 363 KB]